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How can we meet the growing meet the growing demand for electricity while protecting our climate & make planet a better place?
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Henan Jinzhen Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in supplying forgings,CNC lathe machine, metallurgy equipments, metal scrap baling machine etc.
We manufacture forgings in various types of graded steel i.e. Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel to meet the specifications of our clients. We strive to be the most innovative and reliable supplier and will continue to do so in the future.
We look forward to building long-term business relationships with our customers through transparent and loyal interactions. Our aim and goal is to obtain the highest technical performance at the most competitive price. We are very clear about the key areas where our products are used. We have historical records of each product, as well as evidence test results and stage inspection reports.
We have a strong technical team, and we have carefully checked and inspected every machine to ensure that every machine that leaves the factory meets the national quality requirements.
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Our company has gantry vertical machine centers, CNC gantry milling machine,large gentry planers,CNC lashes milling machine and other advanced processing equipment more than 400 sets,and number of highly qualified technicians .
We have a strong technical team to ensure that every product meets the national standards, so that every customer buy at ease, comfortable with.
We have a perfect quality supervision and testing system, every product will be tested in accordance with the standard, to ensure that every factory product to meet the quality assurance. Strict testing of products is responsible for customers.
Our packers have long experience in packing and can do a good job in packing every piece of equipment.We have our own sound land transport and sea transport system, which can be shipped to customers' countries in time and accurately.
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We have a strong technical team as a backing, to ensure that every product is qualified, so that every customer to buy at ease, comfortable.

We stand behind every machine --JINZHEN offers any possible support to keep your machine running smoothly.
Rich experience in foreign trade
We have 20 years of experience in foreign trade export, and have a very mature team in foreign trade business
Serving many regional clients
We have served more than 80 countries and regions, and we know the trade rules of each country very well
Sound land transport and sea transport system
We have our own sound land transport and sea transport system, which can be shipped to customers' countries in time and accurately.
Perfect after-sales system
We have a perfect after-sales service system, can help customers remote or on-site installation and maintenance.
Want to customize forgings,CNC lathe machine, metallurgy equipments, ,metal scrap baling machine solution?
We are convinced that a machine should be more than just a cold machine. Good product equipment should be a good companion to assist humans in their work. That's why at JinZhen, everyone strives for excellence in the details to make machines you can use without friction.
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