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Application and development prospect of hydraulic metal baler

Hydraulic metal baler is a kind of mechanical equipment. Because of its wide demand and strong practicability, it is widely used in various industries in life, especially common. So, why do we use metal balers? What is its significance? Let's take a brief look at it below.

Classified by product type, the Hydraulic Metal Recycling Balers industry can be subdivided into Horizontal, Vertical. It is the largest revenue category in the hydraulic metal recycling and baler industry;

Classified by end application, hydraulic metal recycling balers can be used in automobile scrap, mechanical equipment scrap, others and other fields. The field is currently in the highest demand.


The significance of the existence of the metal baler is very obvious. The scrap steel and scrap iron bales compressed by the metal baler can be conveniently returned to the furnace to produce various metal products, which can reduce metal mining and metal waste. The energy consumption, water consumption, chemical consumption and waste water pollution load of returning to the furnace are conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment. Metal balers are also used to recycle and reprocess waste paper, replacing primary resources with renewable resources, recycling them in the production process, and producing different grades and varieties of metal products as renewable resources, forming a low-consumption, low-waste, low-cost Pollution-saving and environmentally friendly production methods.

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