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Casting Applications

Casting Applications

Castings are metal shaped objects obtained by various casting methods, that is, the smelted liquid metal is poured into a pre-prepared mold by pouring, injection, inhalation or other casting methods. After cooling, it is shaken out, cleaned and finished. Processing, etc., resulting in objects with certain shapes, sizes and properties. Castings are widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry, such as machine tools, internal combustion engines, mining machinery, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, automobiles, tractors, ships, weapons and other industries, which all require a large number of castings. Castings account for a large proportion of mechanical products. For example, in internal combustion engines, castings account for about 80% of the weight, and in machine tools, they account for about 70% to 80%. Among various types of castings, mechanical castings are the most widely used, have the most complex shapes, and are used in the largest amounts, accounting for about 60% of the total casting output. Next are steel ingot molds for metallurgy, pipes for engineering, and some tools in daily life.

The equipment required for casting varies depending on the type of casting (such as gravity casting, pressure casting, sand casting, etc.) and the material used (metal, non-metal, etc.). Here are some common casting equipment:

Smelting equipment. Used to melt metal or other materials into liquid state. Common smelting equipment includes electric furnaces, magnetic stir furnaces, etc.
Styling equipment. Used to make sand molds or molds, including molding machines, core making machines, etc.
Pouring equipment. Introduce liquid metal into a mold, such as a pouring machine.
Clean the equipment. Used to clean castings, such as sandblasting machines, shakeout machines, shot blasting machines, etc.
Testing Equipment. Used to check the quality of castings.

In addition, there are sand mixers (mixed molding sand or core sand), briquetting machines (compressed casting materials), bottom plate tilters (turning the bottom plate), hydraulic stations (providing power), ingot casting platforms (placement of ingot casting equipment), Repair tank pits (repair tanks), slag tanks, and other auxiliary equipment. Together, these devices form an integral part of the casting process to ensure efficient and smooth casting operations.

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