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Process characteristics of ring rolling machine

Ring rolling machine, also known as hole reaming machine, is a rotary forming machine in forging equipment. It can be divided into multi-station ring rolling machine, radial ring rolling machine and radial axial ring rolling machine according to its deformation characteristics. The main purpose is to locally deform the parts, so the force required for processing the parts is relatively small, and workpieces of larger or smaller sizes can also be made according to needs.

The ring rolling process is a combination of rolling technology and mechanical parts manufacturing technology, Process characteristics of ring rolling machine,so it also has the following characteristics:
1. The diameter of the driving roll and the core roll is very different;
2. The driving roll performs active rotary rolling motion, and the core roll performs driven rotary rolling motion, and their speeds are different;
3. Rotary rolling motion and linear feed motion are independent of each other;
4. The radial rolling motion and the axial rolling motion of the end face are mutually restricted, and both are constrained and interfered by the guiding motion;


5. The rolling pass that the blank of the middle ring part repeatedly passes through the cavity is gradually reduced;
6. The geometric boundary of the deformation zone of the ring forging is complex and unstable, and the thermal and force conditions of the deformation are also dynamically changing.
Due to these characteristics, ring rolling is not only affected by static, kinematic and dynamic factors,Process characteristics of ring rolling machine, but also by the coupling of these factors, so ring rolling deformation has a high degree of complexity. In addition, ring rolling not only shows the properties of ordinary flat rolling, asynchronous rolling and multi-pass rolling, but also shows the coupling properties of these rolling.