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Why choose flat forging machine die forging equipment

Flat forging machine is also called horizontal forging machine. As a branch of mechanical press, flat forging machine mainly produces die forgings by local upsetting. In addition to local gathering steps, the equipment can also realize punching, bending, flanging, trimming and cutting. Due to its high productivity, it is suitable for mass production. Therefore, it is widely used in automobile, tractor, bearing and aviation industry.
Why choose flat forging machine die forging equipment?

The importance of the flat forging machine is reflected in that if there is no flat forging machine to shape the metal, then the subsequent process cannot be carried out. Therefore, the flat forging machine has always been very important in the industry, although its structure and function are relatively simple. However, the use of flat forging machines is still relatively extensive, which also makes flat forging machines continue to develop, and its functions are also constantly enriched.

Why choose flat forging machine die forging equipment?

1.During the forging process, the blank is placed horizontally, and the length of the blank is not limited by the working space of the equipment.
2.There are two parting surfaces, vertical parting surface and horizontal parting surface.
3.Good guidance, fixed stroke, good dimensional stability in the length direction of forgings.
4.The flat forging machine can be used for open and closed die forging, for final forging forming and billet making, and for bending, flattening, material cutting, perforation, edge trimming and other working steps.

Due to the processing characteristics of the flat forging machine, the body structure of the flat forging machine is a semi-open shape. The semi-open shape can reduce the waste of materials as much as possible, and can speed up production and processing and improve production efficiency. In addition, the operation mode of the horizontal split die forging machine is different from that of the vertical flat forging machine, and the forgings produced by them also have certain differences.