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Working principle and application of roll forging machine

Roll forging machine is a kind of forging machine, which is a forging process that uses a pair of counter-rotating fan-shaped dies to plastically deform the billet to obtain the required forging or forging billet. It is used for pre-forging of forgings, and can also be used for final forging. It can also be combined with other forging equipment such as: air hammer, friction press, screw press, crank press, etc. to form a forging production line. It can be equipped with manipulators or automatic devices. Realize the automation of roll forging production.

Working principle of roll forging machine:

In standard lathe system, the axis of the material and the axis of the lathe are not aligned with each other, and the movement direction of the workpiece is consistent with the steering of the locomotive, which is called longitudinal rolling. Roll forging is a longitudinal rolling in which the length of the bad material is small and the circumference of the dry car roll is small in plastic deformation. During roll forging deformation, a pair of counter-rotating dies passes through and the blank is continuously locally deformed. Flat roll deformation is the simplest deformation of roll forging.

Application range of roll forging machine:

Roller forging machines are mostly used for billet making, and are often used in conjunction with die forging equipment to elongate long-axis parts, such as automobile connecting rods, crankshafts, front beams, automobile joysticks, and steam turbine blades. In addition to being used for billet making, the roll forging machine can also partially form and roll forge simple-shaped plate-shaped parts and long-axis parts, such as reclamation hoes and plowshares. Aeroengine turbine and steam turbine blades have been successfully formed by cold roll forging.


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