Ball mill liner
Ball mill liner
Ball mill liner
Ball mill liner
Ball mill liner
Ball mill liner

Ball mill liner

Ball mill liner is used to protect the cylinder from direct impact and friction between the grinding body and the material. Different forms of lining plates can also be used to adjust the movement state of the grinding body to enhance the crushing effect of the grinding body on the material, helps to improve the grinding efficiency of the mill, increase output and reduce metal consumption.
Advantages of the grinding mill liners:
1. High wear resistance and impact resistance
The double-medium quenching alloy steel lining plate has a scientific and reasonable alloy element formula, so that the lining plate has good physical and chemical properties, with a hardness of more than HRC45-55, an impact toughness value of more than 25J, and a service life that is more than twice that of high manganese steel. Able to withstand huge impact forces. The surface shape of the lining plate can be maintained for a long time during operation to ensure that the mill's output can be stably increased by more than 5%.

2. High strength and high toughness
During the quenching process of the liner, a special dual-media quenching agent with good thermal stability is used as the medium, so that the product can achieve high strength, high hardness and high toughness to meet the wear-resistant process requirements.

3. High cost performance and strong adaptability
After advanced dual-media quenching process, it has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness value, making the lining plate have good wear resistance. Compared with high-manganese steel lining plate, medium-alloy dual-media quenching medium alloy steel ball mill lining The board demonstrates excellent value for money. It can be adapted to wet grinding, dry grinding, mixed grinding, etc. in mines

In addition to protecting the cylinder, the cylinder lining also affects the movement patterns of the grinding body. In order to adapt to the requirements of various working conditions (crushing or fine grinding), the shapes and materials of the ball mill lining are also different. When crushing is the main purpose, the Ball mill lining plate is required to have a strong ability to push the grinding body, and the ball mill liner plate should have good impact resistance; when fine grinding is the main purpose, the protrusion of the lining plate is relatively small, and the impact on the grinding body is The pushing effect is weak, the impact is small, and the grinding effect is strong, requiring the lining plate to have good wear resistance.

According to the material classification, the common ball mill liners mainly include high manganese steel mill liners, alloy steel mill liners, rubber mill liners, ceramic mill liners, and magnetic mill liners.
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