CW61125 (10T) ordinary heavy machine tool
CW61125 (10T) ordinary heavy machine tool

CW61125 (10T) ordinary heavy machine tool

Introduction of CW61125(10T) Ordinary Heavy Duty Machine Tool
CW61125 / 61140/61160 (10T) general heavy duty machine tool has a load of workpiece of 10 tons, the bed rail width is 970mm. It is mainly used to undertake the turning work of various large and heavy workpieces. It can machine the inch threads, modulus threads, diameter pitch threads, etc. The top rest can be used for motorized turning of short tapers alone, and the top rest also can be used with longitudinal feed to coordinate motorized turning of long tapers. In addition, it can also undertake drilling, nesting, boring and other processes. This series of heavy-duty machine tools have high power and strong rigidity, and use hard alloy tools for thread cutting to process various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Main features of CW61125 (10T) ordinary heavy-duty machine tool
1.The overall bed with high rigidity.
The bed adopts integral casting structure. The internal ribs are reasonably laid out and have high rigidity. The guide rail adopts intermediate frequency quenching and grinding process. Adopting the anti-creeping guide plate technology on the sliding guide surface, the dynamic characteristics such as friction damping coefficient are in the best state, avoiding the occurrence of low speed crawling phenomenon.
2.High rigidity and high precision spindle.
The spindle bearings select the domestic famous brand big enterprise product. The spindle box adopts a symmetrical structure to make the thermal deformation uniform and avoid the deviation of the spindle center. To reduce thermal deformation, the headstock adopts oil bath circulation lubrication. The front end of the main shaft adopts a three-way support structure with two-way angular contact ball bearings, increased accuracy and increased rigidity. The internal gears are quenched and ground to ensure accurate transmission and low noise. The spindle maintains a relatively stable accuracy during long-term operation.
Relevant parameters of CW61125 (10T) ordinary heavy-duty machine tools
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