rotary sealing valve
rotary sealing valve

Rotary seal valve

CDQ rotary sealing valve is mainly composed of valve body, rotor, trolley, driving device, automatic grease feeding device, etc.;
Products Features
Use wear-resistant ceramics to replace the arc-shaped wear-resistant plates in the valve body and the inner wear-resistant plates in the rotor. The service life of wear-resistant ceramics is 3-4 times that of wear-resistant plates; the rotor blades are replaced by wear-resistant welding wires for direct surfacing welding, with high hardness. Good wear resistance;
A new type of packing sealing structure is adopted, an independent packing ring is installed on the side of the rotor, and ceramics are pasted on the inside, so the heat insulation and sealing effect are obviously improved;
The distributor is fixed on the valve body, and the grease is evenly supplied at seven points on one side; an alarm signal is sent out for abnormal grease supply, which can realize remote monitoring;
The greasing system is easy to operate and has good sealing performance to ensure the smooth operation of the dynamic and static rings.
Working Principle
CDQ rotary sealing valve is mainly composed of valve body, rotor, trolley, driving device, automatic grease feeding device, etc.;
The rotary seal valve is a multi-format rotary feeder with sealing performance. The motor drives the rotor to rotate in the specified direction through the reducer, and continuously discharges the coke quantitatively and airtightly; it can effectively control the leakage of the circulating gas, and has a good Sealing and wear resistance.
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