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Lubrication and maintenance of hydraulic metal balers

How to do a good job of lubrication and maintenance of hydraulic metal balers
Maintenance and lubrication of hydraulic metal balers.
First of all, pay attention to keep the hydraulic metal baler dry and hot, and do not let it rain, or put moisture on it.
Next, do the following:

1. Once a week, remove the scale or loss in the hydraulic metal baler.
2. Clean, maintain and lubricate the upper slide plate, middle knife and front top knife once a month .
3. Once a week, add appropriate lubricant to the surface of the cam and the connecting shaft core of the upper extension .
4. Replenish the oil in the gear box of the reducer once a year .
5. It must be noted that several parts cannot be refueled: send and return belt rollers, all belts, slipper pieces and circumferences,electromagnetic clutch .
6. Do not add too much oil every time, so as not to cause micro-opening failure due to soaking oil.