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Steel ball manufacturing equipment: the difference between hot-rolled steel balls and forged steel balls

The disadvantages of casting ball production process are:
     1. The cast iron of the essence of the ball, after adding a large amount (13-28%) of chromium, can reach the ball mill ball request.
     2. The cast ball has loose structure, coarse grain, relatively poor wear resistance and poor impact toughness(Generally 3-7J/cm2), the broken rate is higher than 3%.
     3. High energy consumption, heavy pollution, high labor intensity and low labor productivity.
     4. The cost of raw materials is high, and the cost of wages is high, especially for small balls below F50mm, the cost is higher.

     Compared with cast balls, hot-rolled steel balls are a brand-new rolling process technology, a technological breakthrough in the ball milling ball manufacturing industry, and are gradually replacing cast balls. Hot-rolled steel balls have the following characteristics:
     1. Hot-rolled steel balls have all the advantages of steel, and become high-quality milling balls after heat treatment.
     2. High production efficiency, large output, mechanized ball rolling production, high degree of automation, no manual production links.
     3. Stable quality, good hardness, good hardenability, dense metallographic structure, fine grains, good wear resistance, and the wear resistance is half of that of cast balls.
     4. Low energy consumption, no pollution, low labor intensity, and low production cost. In the long run, casting balls will inevitably be replaced by rolling balls.

The automatic steel ball skew rolling line does not require manual intervention, and the production is automated to ensure the stability of the quality of the steel balls. The production process of the assembly line is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient. Steel balls have the characteristics of precise size, good roundness, high hardness, good mechanical properties, high impact toughness, and strong crushing ability.
Advantages of skew rolling mill:
The main body is rigid.
Adjustment is easy. The lock is firm and the stability is high.
The lock is firm and the stability is high.
Easy to replace the guide plate.
The production competition is automated, the production efficiency is high, and the output is large.
Low energy consumption and no pollution.

ZQ series skew rolling machine parameter: