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Characteristics and Application of Bolt Cold Forging Machine

Brief introduction of bolt cold forging machine

Bolt cold heading machines on the market are divided into 4 stations, 5 stations, and 6 stations according to their stations, also known as 4 dies, 5 dies, and 6 dies. Usually called 2 pliers, 3 pliers, 4 pliers.Automatic multi-station cold forging forming machine is a high-efficiency and automatic special machine tool in forging machinery. Cold forging is an important means for the fastener industry to produce various bolts, screws, rivets and nuts. Usually, cold heading plastic processing is used for the forming of the bolt head. Compared with cutting processing, Characteristics and Application of Bolt Cold Forging Machine,the metal fiber (metal wire) is continuous along the product shape without cutting in the middle, thus improving the product strength, especially excellent mechanical properties.


Bolt cold forging machine features:

1. Compared with ordinary machines, cold heading machines can produce more special screws, and the screws produced are more accurate. This will depend on where the screws are used, because some places are relatively strict.
2. Compared with thicker hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel can be processed to apply smaller loads and shorter spans.
3. Unusual cross-sectional shapes can be obtained economically through cold forming, and a satisfactory strength-to-weight ratio can be obtained.
4. The pincer system can be flipped or translated at 180 degrees, which is beneficial to the arrangement of the molding process.
5. Equipped with fault detector and safety protection device, it will stop automatically when the equipment fails, and provide maximum protection for equipment and molds.
6. The feeding box is equipped with a thrust device to improve the feeding accuracy.


Application fields of bolt cold forging machine:

These parts are also widely used in different national economic fields for the production of fasteners and unusual non-standard parts, such as aviation, steamer, machinery, rail transportation, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, sewing machines, construction, furniture, light Labor and daily necessities, etc.

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