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Working principle and application of ZQ series steel ball skew rolling mill

Steel ball skew rolling mill overview:
The steel balls rolled by the wear-resistant steel ball rolling production line (φ20mm-φ120mm) are wear-resistant steel balls, also known as wear-resistant media for grinding machines. As one of the metal products and industrial basic parts, steel balls are used for bearings and ball mills. The main consumable parts, in modern industry, the manufacture of steel balls requires very precise dimensions and surface quality. The main purpose is to grind the material to make the material finer to meet the use standard. It is mainly used in mines, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, silica sand plants, coal chemical industry and other fields.

Working principle of steel ball skew rolling mill:

The working principle of spiral pass cross rolling is shown in the figure. Two rolls with spiral passes have their axis lines intersecting each other. The rolls rotate in the same direction to drive the circular rolling piece to rotate and advance. Under the action of the machine, the blank of the rotary body part is formed. The deformation of cross rolling is mainly diameter compression and axial extension.


Steel ball skew rolling mill parameter requirements:

Specifications: φ20mm-φ120mm.
Round steel material: 65Mn, 60Mn, 50Mn, B2, B3, 40Cr, 45, etc.
Round steel length: 6000mm.
Heating method: induction intermediate frequency heating furnace.
Heating temperature: 950~1050℃.

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