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Difference between castings and forgings

Difference between castings and forgings
1. mechanical properties differences.
Forgings after secondary processing, there will be a hardening process, this process will cause the arrangement of fine, non-directional mechanical properties, better than castings.
2. Differences in molding methods.
The castings are melted by melting furnace, poured into the model and cooled. The forgings are constructed by repeated restrictions under the pressure effect of the press.
3. different materials.
Casting parts: composed of direct casting of molten steel, poor grain size and rough, slightly low metal density, poor mechanical stability; Gear forgings: formed by high temperature forging after casting, fine grain size, slightly higher density, stable mechanical properties.
4. Investigation from non-processed appearance.
The casting part is in the shape of small particles, and the slit can be seen (the casting abrasives close the cover mouth); Free forging, casting after the appearance of black, slightly flaky appearance, can see the casting fold; Die forging, at first glance and cast parts are somewhat similar, but the appearance of the grain is still comparatively delicate. And die forging is often to do small pieces, large parts are difficult to do.
5. from the processing surface investigation.
Cast iron is significantly different from forgings, cast iron appearance is not shiny (grinding processing is still shiny), the chips are broken chips, gray cast iron will have powdery chips; The cast steel processing surface and the forging processing surface themselves think that there is no significant difference, and they all have gloss.
6. distinguish between the two from the appearance.
The surface of the casting is coarse, and there are segregation and shrinkage holes, and the surface of the gear forging is smooth and shiny. Because the gear forgings are forged by external force, and the castings are solidified.

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