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How to use the characteristics of the rolling mill to roll steel balls

In modern industry, the manufacture of steel balls requires very precise dimensions and surface quality. These steel balls are mainly used in mines, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, silica sand plants, coal chemical industry and other fields. It is understood that steel balls are rolled by a special hot rolling mill. Of course, the rolling process is not as simple as we imagined. In order to avoid defects, there are strict requirements on the rolling mill and rolling process used. The heart of the steel ball rolling process.
     When hot-rolling steel balls, the round steel blank is usually heated with an induction heating device until the temperature reaches 850-1100°C, and then the heated bar can be sent to the skew rolling mill for rolling. During the heating process, the diameter of the round steel blank is smaller than the size of the required steel ball, and the specific heating temperature depends on the type of steel.

     The reason why the skew rolling machine is chosen is that its roll axis is inclined at a certain angle to the rolling line, and there is a spiral pass on the roll, the rolled piece advances in a spiral and under the action of the spiral pass, the round steel gradually becomes spherical. When the connecting necks between the spherical shapes become thinner and thinner, they will be disconnected to obtain steel balls. The obtained steel balls are not finished steel balls and need to be further processed.


     It needs to be emphasized that the composition of the roll pass of the rolling mill includes two parts: the forming section and the finishing section. The pass of the forming section is responsible for biting into the blank and rolling the round bar into a spherical shape; It will be finished and separated from the blank.

     Bearing steel balls generally take the finishing part to be about one circle, and the forming section is one and a half to two circles, because the forming section is too long to increase the number of rotations of the bar in the rolling mill pass, which is likely to cause loose center of the steel ball and cavity . However, the pass finishing convex edge of the ball grinding steel ball rolling mill should be raised in order to cut off the tail of the rolled piece.


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