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Working principle and application of D51 vertical ring rolling machine

Ring rolling machine, also called hole reaming machine, is a special forging equipment widely used in the bearing industry for the production of ferrule forgings. It is used to roll and expand the ring blank forged in the previous blank making process.The ring rolling process generally requires radial deformation and axial deformation, but generally radial deformation requires a blank-making process. The size and shape of the blank is one of the decisive factors for obtaining a qualified ring-rolling workpiece.

Working principle of D51 vertical ring rolling machine
The working principle of the ring rolling machine is shown in the figure above. The ring blank 2 whose temperature meets the requirements is put on the rolling roller 5, and the rotating rolling wheel 1 moves downward under the action of the cylinder force P. After contacting the ring blank, the ring blank begins to deform. At this time, the ring blank and the rolling roller rotate under the action of the friction force F, the ring blank is compressed, the wall thickness gradually decreases, the metal extends along the tangential direction (there is also a small amount of expansion in the axial direction), and the extension deformation of the ring blank is in a free state. When the outer diameter of the ring blank is in contact with the fixed thrust roller 4, the reaction force of the thrust roller increases the outer diameter of the ring blank and at the same time produces bending deformation, pushing the geometric center of the ring blank to the left of the center line of the machine, and making the The rolling process proceeds smoothly. When the outer diameter of the ring blank increases to the pre-adjusted signal roller 3, the rolling wheel can return upwards, the forging is unloaded, and a working cycle is completed.

The ring rolling of the ring rolling machine can also be used as a link between the billet making process and the swing rolling process to form rings with various interface shapes. In this way, since the ring rolling completes the radial deformation and the swing rolling completes the axial deformation, it can be manufactured Ring parts with various interfaces, ring rolling and oscillating rolling line have greater advantages.


Application range of D51 vertical ring rolling machine

At present, the ring rolling process of hole reaming machine and ring rolling machine is widely used at home and abroad. Usually, the materials of ring parts are carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, diamond alloy, etc. Common ring parts Rolled products include train wheels, bearing rings, gear rings, bushings, flanges, gas turbine rings, crane rotating wheel rings, nuclear reactor container rings and various reinforcement rings, etc.

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