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Precautions for professional installation of Y81 K Series Hydraulic metal baling press

Installation details of the metal baler:
1. For pipe connection, the fasteners should be fastened under the cylinder pressure, otherwise there will be no leakage.
2.connect according to the diameter and thickness of the pipe and oil return pipe, and the return pipe flows back to the fuel tank.
3.when first installed in the hydraulic oil tank (46 #) not less than 150.


4.the power supply voltage is 380V, turn on the power supply, and the power supply tries to rotate the pump and motor pump in the direction marked. Follow the direction of rotation signs, such as rotating the power supply in the opposite direction.
5. Petroleum and electric equipment, power fan (not packaging) test run according to the operation process to see if there is any problem, if it is operated, it can be packaged frequently.