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Ring rolling machine drives the development of ring forgings

In recent years, energy saving and emission reduction has become a key project in my country. With the rapid growth of wind power projects in my country, the demand for key wind power components such as wind power flanges and ring forgings has also increased. The emergence of ring rolling machines has accelerated the production of ring forgings. size, quality, etc. After free forging and die forging, a new process-rolling ring appeared.
Ring rolling is a kind of forging classification. Ring rolling machine drives the development of ring forgings,With the rapid development of the forging industry, the development of ring rolling technology is used more and more in the forging industry, and the ring rolling machine is mainly used for forging.

The ring rolling machine is divided into two types: vertical type and horizontal type, depending on the form of the frame and the position of the ring parts. For the convenience of operation, most of the small and medium-sized ring rolling machines adopt the inclined vertical type, while the large-scale ring rolling machines adopt the horizontal type because of the horizontal movement of the work and the convenience of transmission.

D51 series vertical type ring rolling machine is widely used in manufacturing bearing outer ring, gearing blank, pipeline flange, welding neck flange in the fields of machinery, auto, train, ship, petroleum and chemicals, aerospace, atomic energy, wind generator. It has advantages of rolling and forming at one time, high production efficiency, improve blank precision, reduce turning remainder, improve steel utilization, improve cutting performance, improve inner quality of forging, good economic benefit. 

Ring rolling machine Advantages:
High material utilization
Good quality
Good working conditions, high productivity
Low production costs