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Rail wheel forging process

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Today I will briefly describe the forging process of train wheels.

Train wheels are a key component of the complete train parts and one of the most technical links in the production of freight trains and locomotives. Since there are many types of trains, the working environment and locomotive structures are also different, so the structural forms and characteristics of train wheels are also diverse. Generally it consists of three parts: hub, rim and spoke plate. Train wheels are typical metal plastic forming products.

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The main forging process includes the following steps: blanking and heating, preforming and forming, rolling expansion and bending punching.
  1. Brief description of wheel preforming process
The wheel blank is made of cylindrical steel billet with a diameter between 380mm and 406mm. The billet is cut using a saw. After heating, a manipulator replaces manual clamping of the billet and transfers it to the press for the forming process.
  1. wheel forming process
In the wheel forming stage, the shapes of the wheel hub and pressed spoke plates are mainly obtained, and the forming of the main parts of the rim is completed at the same time. The process is a typical open flash-free die forging.
  1. Wheel bending process
The wheel bending process is generally carried out on the same press as the punching process, and is the last process in the hot forming of train wheels. Its main purpose is to bend the spoke plate, flatten the rim and determine the shape of both sides of the wheel and the inner diameter of the wheel.

The forging of train wheels is a continuous process system from material selection, mold design and manufacturing, to early preforming and forming, to later bending and punching. Since metal will undergo corresponding physical and chemical changes in each process stage, it is necessary to improve the processing process optimization, numerical simulation analysis, etc. to ensure the final quality of the wheel.

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