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Working principle and precautions of flat forging machine

The flat forging machine is a horizontal crank press, which has the die forging characteristics of a hot die forging press. The main difference between the flat forging machine and other hot die forging presses is that the flat forging machine has two mutually perpendicular parting surfaces, the main parting surface is between the punch and the die, and the other parting surface is between the divisible two Between the half dies, there are two types of die splitting: vertical splitting and horizontal splitting.

When the flat forging machine is working, there are two sliders with vertical motion directions. Since the main slider moves in the horizontal direction, it is called a flat forging machine.

Working principle of flat forging machine:

The working process of the flat forging machine is as follows: before the flat forging machine is started, the bar is placed in the groove of the fixed die, and the length of the deformed part of the bar is determined by the positioning of the anti-baffle. Then step on the pedal, during the advance of the main slider, the movable die quickly enters the clamping state, clamps the bar, the front baffle retreats, the punch contacts the hot blank, and makes it plastically deform until it fills the groove until. When the machine returns, the punch withdraws from the die, the movable die returns to its original position, and the forging is taken out from the die.

Precautions for flat forging machine work:
1. For forging and forming by clamping the bar with the die, generally use high-precision hot-rolled steel or cold-drawn steel with full diameter, otherwise it will not be clamped tightly or large longitudinal burrs will be generated between the dies.

2. Before forging, it is necessary to use a special device to remove the scale on the billet, otherwise the roughness of the forging is higher than that of the forging on the hammer.

3. The process adaptability of the flat forging machine is poor, and it is not suitable for die forging asymmetrical forgings.

Flat forging machine application range:
At present, the flat forging machine has been widely used in mass production of valves, automobile half shafts, forging of ring forgings, partial upsetting of the head of rod forgings such as sucker rods for oil fields, etc. The types of forgings that can be produced have been diversified. The adaptability is also wider.

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