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Automatic roll forging machine: application of roll forging technology in non-ferrous metals

Roll forging is the process of increasing the length of bar or wire. Manufacturers place a heated metal rod between two grooved cylindrical rollers, which rotate and apply progressive pressure to shape the metal. The precise shape geometry of these grooves forges the metal part into the desired shape. Benefits of this forging method include the elimination of flash and a favorable grain structure. Although roll forging uses rollers to produce components, it is still considered a metal forging process, not a rolling process. Roll forging is often used to manufacture parts for the automotive industry. It is also used for forging items such as knives and hand tools.

Roll forging technology has been preliminarily mature in the forming of iron and steel materials, and its application in the forming of non-ferrous metal materials has just begun. With the deepening of my country's energy saving and emission reduction, the application of light alloys in my country will become more and more extensive, among which aluminum alloys are the largest and most widely used. There is no systematic theory of roll forging process for aluminum alloy materials in our country, which requires the joint efforts of Chinese scholars to build it.

 application of roll forging technology in non-ferrous metals

Today, the application of roll forging in non-ferrous metals is mainly concentrated in the roll forging blanks of automotive aluminum alloy control arms. Among non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloy occupies an extremely important position and has begun to be widely used in our daily life and production. However, the research on aluminum alloy roll forging has just begun, and no specific and systematic theory has been formed yet. Now, we have carried out preliminary research on roll forging of aluminum alloy, studied the law of selection of front slip value in die design, and analyzed the law of roll forging deformation of aluminum alloy in terms of roll forging speed and blank deformation temperature. This provides first-hand information for the construction of aluminum alloy roll forging theory in my country, and provides a reference for the design of aluminum alloy roll forging dies. With the deepening of automobile lightweight, aluminum alloy will play an important role in the revolution of automobile industry, and aluminum alloy roll forging will definitely occupy an important position in aluminum alloy forming in the future.


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