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Working principle of the steel ball skew rolling machine

In modern industry, the manufacture of steel balls requires extraordinary size and surface quality. These steel balls are mainly used in mines, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, silica sand plants, coal chemical industry and other fields. One way of making these balls is through diagonal rolling. Working principle of the steel ball skew rolling machine ,Skew rolling is a forming process using two specially designed continuously rotating opposite rollers. The steel rod is sent to the roller table, and through the extrusion and cutting of the roll, the final formation of a round steel ball, it can be said that the rolling process of each steel ball is independent. The skew rolling process, similar to roll forging, is a manufacturing process that includes the dual characteristics of ball forging and ball rolling.

The quality of the grinding medium (steel ball, baseball) is a decisive factor in the operating cost of the concentrator.
1. The steel consumption (grinding medium, lining plate) and power of the general concentrator account for 50~70% of the production and operation cost of the concentrator;
2, high-quality steel balls can effectively improve the production efficiency (output) of the mill, thereby reducing production and operating costs.
3, well-known mining companies (Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Minmetals, CITIC Pacific Australia SINO Iron ore, Shougang Peru iron ore, Chile copper, Vale, McMoran Copper and Gold, Baruch gold, etc.) all use forged rolled steel balls, they are the outstanding leader of resource conservation, carbon reduction, and mine green.

At present, the product specifications of inclined rolled steel balls are from φ20 to φ125.Working principle of the steel ball skew rolling machine , Wear-resistant steel balls for gold, silver, copper, iron and other minerals have been widely used and promoted in actual mines, saving a lot of purchasing costs for customers, greatly improving grinding output, and achieving significant economic benefits.