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How to choose a suitable metal descaling machine

Friends in the forging industry know that after the forging furnace comes out, there will be a thick layer of oxides in the furnace raw materials. This oxide has a great impact on the quality of the forgings. Many customers say that my electric furnace does not have oxides for heating. Then you are wrong. How to choose a suitable metal descaling machine,Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. When the product hits you, you'll find that the surface is uneven, so it's necessary to remove the oxide.

Forging scale has become a common problem for us, and the harm it brings to us is also visible to the naked eye. How to choose the metal descaling machine that suits you,The methods for removing scale on the market are also uneven. Today I will introduce to you one of the four methods for removing scale.

(1) Use pickling, generally using sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and hydrochloric acid. However, pickling has a good effect on removing oxidation from the surface of stainless steel, but the disadvantage is that a large amount of nitrogen dioxide precipitates during the pickling process and the workshop environment deteriorates. It is easy to cause the enterprise to fail to pass the environmental impact assessment;

(2) The use of sandblasting. Sandblasting is to remove oxides from the surface of the cooled forgings, but it is best to remove the oxides before forging. Otherwise, the oxide forgings will be pressed into the forgings, and in severe cases, they will become scraps and surface pits. And affect the service life of the mold;

(3) Mechanical steel brushing. This method also removes surface oxides after forging. Not only does this not improve production efficiency, but the process time after grinding will also be longer;

(4) The principle of high-pressure water phosphorus removal is to use the action of the nozzle to form a fan-shaped water flow with great impact. How to choose the metal descaling machine that suits you,Through the action of the fan-shaped water jet, the oxide is cut, rapidly cooled and shrunk, and the base metal metal is peeled off, thereby Improve the oxide on the surface of forgings. This method is currently one of the most feasible ways to remove scale. The forgings before and after cleaning have been certified by relevant agencies, and the metallographic structure has not changed, allowing more forging plants to use it with confidence.

How to choose a suitable metal descaling machine, In addition, we need to know what effect we want to achieve when purchasing a skin cleansing machine. Only by understanding your own needs can you choose deoxidation equipment according to your needs.