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D51 vertical ring rolling machine features and application areas

The rolling of the ring part (also known as the ring, the loop of the loop, the expansion, and the rolling ring) is to use the ring machine (also known as the ring rolling machine, the ring rolling machine, and the hole expansion machine) to produce the continuous local plasticity deformation, and then then Realize the plastic processing process of decreased wall thickness, enlarged diameter, and cutting outline. D51 vertical ring rolling machine features and application areas,This process is suitable for the production of ring -shaped mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes, such as bearing ring, gear, flange, wheels, wheels, thin -walled cylindrical parts, wind power flange, high -necked flange and other seamless ring forgings. Circular products are widely used in many industrial fields such as machinery, vehicles, train, ships, ships, petrochemicals, aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, wind power and other industrial fields. The materials of the ring parts are usually carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel alloy, high temperature alloy, etc.

D51 vertical ring rolling machine has the following characteristics:

1.The tonnage of the equipment is small and the processing range is large. The formation process of the ring is the accumulation of local pressure continuous minor deformation. The area of contact with the mold and the mold is small. Therefore, the deformation power required is small and the tonnage of the equipment is small.

2. High material utilization rate. The cross -section shape of the rolling of the ring piece is closer to the finished product, and the amount of processing is small.

3. Good product quality. The metal fiber of the rolled ring is continuously distributed along the direction of the circular circular, which is compatible with the stress and wear during the use of parts. In most cases, the internal tissue of the rolling ring is small and the grains are small, and the comprehensive mechanical performance is significantly higher than that of other methods.


4.Good labor conditions and high productivity. The rolling of the ring part is similar to static pressure rolling. It is basically no impact, vibration, low noise, easy to operate, high degree of mechanization and automation, and the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced.

5. Low production cost. Compared with free forging, the material consumption is low, the energy consumption is low, the comprehensive production cost is low, and it has good economic benefits.

In recent years, in order for our common living home, the earth, to no longer be corroded by carbon dioxide, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a key project in our country. With the rapid growth of wind power projects in our country, the demand for key wind power components such as wind power flanges and ring forgings has also increased. , the emergence of ring rolling machines has accelerated the production, size, quality, etc. of ring forgings.